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Are you launching your business, launching a new product or redesigning your graphic identity? So you're going to need a logo ... Why? So that we can recognize you but above all to stand out from your competitors and make a difference. With whom ? With me of course ;)


How is it going ?

  • Briefing (phone, email, or face to face).

  • Creation of a moodboard.

  • Realization of 3 tailor-made logo designs according to what stands out from the moodboard. Select a track and finalize.

Deliverable :

  • Source files.

You will obtain in a few days a professional result, adapted to the image and the values which you wish to convey. Imagination and rigor will be there

From :

600 €

Logo + Graphical charter + Business card

A logo is good ... But with a graphic charter and a business card it's great! What could be better than exchanging contact details with a superb business card? You will be able to mark the spirits :)

How is it going ?

  • Following the logo creation stage, place that of the graphic charter: Document summarizing the colors, the typographies used as well as a "notice" to optimize the use of the logo.

  • And finally the creation of your business card.


  • Files to print the business card.

  • Graphic charter file including: color logo, black and white logo,

  • summary document of the logo (typographies, colors ...).

From :

900 €

Logo + Graphical charter + Business card + Motion

The best of the best! Or as my namesake king of Bretons would say, the Grail! I'm talking of course about motion design (or animation) of your logo for your digital media (social networks, website, newsletter, ...). You will make a sensation and have a stronger impact for your clients and future clients.

How is it going ?

  • Once the logo, the graphic charter and the business card are made, we move on to creating the motion design of your logo. The element that will take off your impact on your future customers

Deliverable :

  • .Gif and .mp4 files (for video).

From :

1 700 €

Other print services

For other print requests (layout, flyer, posters, illustrations ...).

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